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So you are here because you might be a student who want to learn web development or a somebody who want to grow and spread their business online. You may be a person like me who want to have their own blog to spread their thought across the world or to make a career out of it. Here I’ve prepared a series or articles of how to build a website with wordpress step by step which will allow you to have your own website to full fill above mentioned points and many more.

But before we begins let us have answers of some common questions that will make you understand more clearly about what we are going to achieve.

What should I use to develop my website ?

You will be using WordPress a Content Management System (I’ll be referring it as CMS) build with PHP to get your website up and running very quickly. Know you might be asking :

What is WordPress ?? and What is PHP ?? I don’t know any of these ?

Or you must be thinking :

I’ve heard of PHP as a programming language but I dont know how to code in PHP. And I’ve to learn PHP before getting into this series.

Let me make you clear guys you don’t have to have prior knowledge before getting into this series. I mean its not like you don’t have to have any knowledge, here I want only one thing from you that is “Interest”. And follow how to build a website with wordpress step by step articles which will allow you to understand and learn more quickly.

What is WordPress and why WordPress ?

WordPress is the most popular CMS to create websites quickly. It is also the simplest of all the competitors to create and manage content. Starting with wordpress does not requires to have programming knowledge for the beginners.

I’ll start from the very basics of how to build a website with wordpress then I’ll move on to the advanced topics which will require programming skills in PHP and MySql. But there is nothing to be afraid of as I’ll be sharing posts on PHP and MySql before getting into the advanced stuffs.

Here is what wikipedia have to say about wordpress:

“WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. It was used by more than 30% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2018. It is reportedly the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web, supporting more than 60 million websites. WordPress has also been used for other application domains such as pervasive display systems.”

As you can see wordpress is used for many of the websites that are online and are growing day by day. Wordpres is very easy to learn and build website of any genre and can be scaled to beyond limits.

According to with wordpress you can build a website that have
  • Customizable Designs
  • SEO Friendly Content
  • Responsive Mobile Sites
  • High Performance
  • Manage conent on the go
  • High Security
  • Powerfull Media Magement
  • Easy and Accessible

And this leads us to the next question

Who uses wordpress ?

You must be willing to know who other are using wordpress and how it is helping them grow their business. You will be glad to know that today many of the big players of internet are using wordpress for their website. Some of them are following :

These are few out of thousands that are trusting wordpress for their website. You can find more by following this link :

As you can see WordPress is not only used only for blogging. Any type of websites can be developed using wordpress as it has matured a lot since its first release at May 27, 2003.

What next ??


Since we have some idea about what wordpress is and what we can create with wordpress let us have a look what you will be learning here about wordpress. I’ll be posting a blog every few days of  how to build a website with wordpress  showing you the correct and the best way to start with and then covering topics one by one. There will be a gap of few days between the posts because you have to practice what you have learned and of course I’ve to prepare the next topics for you as well.

You can subscribe here so that whenever I publish the next topic of how to build a website with wordpress, you can get notified about it.

Here I’m publishing the topics that you be learning about wordpress.

You can consider it is a referring point becasue I’ll be updating this posts everytime I publish a new topic with its link in this.

1. Downloading/Installing/Configuring WordPress

You will be learning the basics software requirements to run wordpress in your local machine. Learn to install the software and then install the wordpress for your website. Configure the basic settings for your site to make is more secure and optimized. You will also get to know how to publish your website online so that peoples across the world can visit your website.

2. Difference between Pages and Posts

These are two main actors of wordpress which works together to allow us place content across various blocks of the website. You will learn the difference between pages and post and where to use these. I will be using reference of other websites so that you can get a better idea of these two concepts ahead of the detailed courses.

3. Create/Manage Pages

After completing this topic you will be able to create a basic page for your website. You will also learn how to add content to the created page of your website and then preview it live on your site. You will also get to know how to format the content to suit your website like making the content Italic, Bold, Text Colors, Alignment, Headings and many more.

4. Manipulating Pages

After you have the knowledge of creating and managing pages here you will learn how to manipulate the page after you have completed creating page. You will learn various manipulation techniques related with a page like Page Status, Visibility, Template, Featured images and many more.

5. Create/Manage Posts

After pages its time to get into Posts. Here you will learn to create posts and add content to your posts. Some of the content formatting techniques you learnt while creating pages will come in handy over here as well. Apart form this you will also know the usage scenario of Visual Editor vs Text Editors. Here you will learn how to embed Youtube videos and Google maps to your content to make them more interactive.

6. Manipulating Posts

Posts are the easiest and most preferred way of expressing your thoughts to the world. The more expressive you are the more people will like your content. To make your content speak you must know the various manipulating techniques. Good news is you have already learnt most of it while learning “Manipulating Pages”. In addition to that you will learn few techniques that are specific to the Posts like, Categories, Tags etc.

7. Adding Images to website

A picture is worth a thousand words.” How to build a website with wordpress in order to make your website look prettier, interactive, expressive and attract readers you must use images to your website. WordPress makes it very easy to add and manage images for your website. Here you will learn to add images to the website using built in Media Library. You will also be able to perform basic image editing as well in the media library to suit your requirements.

8. Adding Images to Posts and Pages

After adding images to the Image Library of wordress, you have to use them in your pages and posts in a variety of ways. Here you will learn how to add or use these images to your content. You will also come to know about the feature images in posts and pages. An image gallery in your content will help you to showcase your images in a beautiful collective manner. You will learn to create Image Galleries and how to use them.

9. Menus

Menus plays a very important role in a website. It guides the users of your website through the various pages and contents of your website. What is the use of beautiful contents if nobody can get there. Menus helps website visitors by guiding them to the place where they want to reach. Here you will learn to create menus, rearranging them and placing at various places of your website.

10. Tags and Categories

In a website there are contents that belongs to different genres. You may have content related to sports, nature, wildlife, technology, science and many more. It becomes very difficult to find a specific article in such a mess. How to build a website with wordpress that overcomes this mess ? It is by using categories and tags. These will help you to arrange the articles in such a way that it gets easier to find them. You can store similar articles to a specific category. Tags will help your visitors to find the articles in the website using the search block provided in your website.

11. Settings

In the beginning of the course you learnt about basic configuration of your wordpress setup. Here you will continue from there and perform the complete configuration of your wordpress setup. This will help your site in increased performance, security, readability, scalability and many more. From here you will be able to control your website to work according to the standards which will help your website to grow and scale immensely without much of overhead.

13. Custom Designs

Custom designs will make your website more appealing to eyes and will help to stand out in millions of website out there. Here you will learn to add various template to your website to change look and feel. You will also get to know how to use multiple template blocks that the template has to offer. You will also get know about widgets and how to use various widgets provided by wordpress to make your website more customized and rich in features.

14. Plugins Part 1 and Plugins Part 2

To extend your websites capabilities and make it more rich in features you must have to use plugins in your wordpress website. WordPress have millions of plugins that will help you create very complex functionalities with few clicks. How to build a website with wordpress which automate very complex features that you want to have in your website is is by using plugins, what you have to do is click on few options. Here I’ve divided the course in two parts where I’ll show you the usage of few plugins that will help you with your website development. The plugins that I’ll be showing are Lightbox, Social Media, Contact Form, Regenerate Thumbnails etc.

15. Users and Roles

WordPress allows you to have multiple Users and various Roles to associate with the users. This will allow you to manage the accessibility of your website to other users. This will help you to organize your website in such a manner that you can grow your site without putting much efforts in later stages. Here you will learn to create users and provide them various roles like Administrator, Editor, Author, Contributor and Subscriber. You will be able to control each users according to your needs by blocking access to confidential areas by assigning them these roles. You will also be able to secure your website from malicious login attempts by limiting the login attempts for a user.

17. SEO Part 1 and SEO Part 2

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) allows various search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc to reach out to your website and list it to the visitors searching for the content. What is the point of having a good looking website with great contents and very rich in features if you do not get visitors to your website.  How to build a website with wordpress that ranks high in search engines is to have good SEO.

The better the SEO done on your website more the changes to list your website in the first page of the search results. The more your website gets ranked in the first page of search results more the chances of getting more visitors day by day. I’ll split this section in two articles so that you will get good knowledge of this. Here you will get to know about various SEO tools that will help your website to grow in rankings to get listed on the first page of search engines.

18. Security and Performance

You will be working very hard for your website to make it look good, to create lots good contents in it, collect many images. Eventually your website will grow with your website as you will get more and more visitors. You may be making good amount of money out of your website. But all of your hard work all of your efforts might be stolen from you if you do not have strong security for your website. Here you will learn various security and performance techniques that will help you protect your website and content from the evil ones of the internet world. Your will learn to setup security barrier for you website, taking backup of your website and many more. You will also be able to keep an eye of the visitors on you website using Google Analytics.

After completing the series of “How to build a website with wordpress” topics I can assure you guys that you will be able to create your own website and then manage your content there to showcase your ideas and plans to the rest of the world. After you complete this series I will also try to create a tutorial on creating a complete functional website from the scratch so that you can see how to build a website with wordpress for real world.

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