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This is the first article of “How to build a website with wordpress step by step – Best Way”. Of course the very first thing you must know to work with wordpress is to download and install wordpress in your computer. In order to setup wordpress you have to install some software in your computer. PHP and MySql are required to run wordpress in you computer. To install both at once download and install Xampp in your computer.

Five steps to install and configure wordpress

  1. Install Xampp
  2. Download latest version of WordPress
  3. Create a MySql database for WordPress
  4. Install wordpress
  5. Configure wordpress and setup new website

Install Xampp

Follow these links to know more about the installation process of xampp :

Download latest version of WordPress

Now after setting up xampp you have to download the latest version of wordpress. To download the latest version visit this link : After downloading the compressed file follow these steps :

  1. Unzip the file copy all the contents of the folder.
  2. Copy all the contents of the folder
  3. Move to the xampp/htdocs folder
  4. Create a new folder (assume folder name : wordpress) and the paste the contents here.
  5. If you are using linux mac you have to provide “write” permission to this folder.
    Eg. for linux : sudo chmod 777 -R /opt/lampp/htdocs/wordpress/

Create a MySql database for WordPress

WordPress needs a database to store all the configurations and all the contents that you will be creating for your website. This is required because wordpress does not store contents in files, but rather in a database. In order to create a database follow these steps :

  1. Open a browser and type : http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  2. Click on “Databases” and type in your database name.
  3. Press “Create” to create the database.
  4. Click on “User Accounts” and take a note of the “User Name” and “Password” that have “Host Name” as “localhost” and “Global Privileges” as “All Privileges”. This “User Name” and “Password” will be required in later stages of installation.

Install WordPress

After you are done with the above points its time to install wordpress. Follow the steps to install and setup your website :

    1. Open a browser and type : http://localhost/wordpres. A page will open, click “Lets go!” at the bottom.
      Setup config start page
    2. WordPress will ask for the database information :

      Database Name
      : Name of the database you created
      : Use the username you got while setting up MySql.
      Password : Use the password you for while setting up MySql.
      Database Host : use “localhost”
      Table Prefix: leave the default one
      Click “Submit”Setup config database page
  1. A page will appear where click on “Run the Installation”
    Setup config install page
  2. WordPress will as you to fill out some of the details to setup your website like :

    Site Title
    : This will be the name of your website.
    Username : This will the admin user of your website. (eg: wordpress)
    Password : Password for your admin user (eg. wordpress_password). Use a very strong password since this will be your admin users password.
    Email : Admin email for your website.
    Setup config website page
  3. Click on “Install WordPress” and wait for a while until the installation completes.

Don’t loose all these details and keep then safe as these details will be needed in future to get access to your website.

Its done !!

You have successfully installed wordpress in your computer. You can start working with your setup and built a website for you. To visit your website follow the steps :

  1. Open a browser and type : http://localhost/wordpress
  2. This is your website frontend where you will see a header image, a sidebar, a post etc.
  3. In the browser open a new tab and type : http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin. WordPress will ask for “Username” and “Password”. Enter the username (wordpress) and password (wordpress_password) you entred while installing wordpress.
  4. You will be redirected to your wordpress dashbaord.

Congratulations !!

Now you have access to your website and the dashboard. In the dashboard you will see a variety of things. We will cover them at later stages of the course.

It is equally important perform basic configuration before doing anything else. WordPress will read these configurations and use them to optimize your website accordingly. Follow these steps on dashboard :

  1. Click on Settings -> General, and fill up all the fields according to your needs. Match your settings with the one I had.
    Basic General Settings
  2. Click on Settings -> Permalinks, and fill up all the fields according to your needs. Match your settings with the one I had.
    Basic Permalinks Settings

Now you are all done with setting up the basic configuration for your wordpress installation. Learn about the difference between Pages and Posts in the next article and will proceed with creating this website.

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