Why Laravel is best php framework today and days to come ?

laravel (Last Updated On: February 20, 2018)

Unlike WordPress which is the most pupoular CMS, there are many PHP frameworks out there. But before you go ahead and start your project you must know what is the most suitable framework for you. The framework which will provide you most of the features and capabilities out of the box, you must select that for your. But determining which one to choose can be a very tough task as most of them provide almost all the features but still different from each other. I’m using Laravel framework on regular basis from past 5 years and have seen its growth since then. I’ve also worked on other PHP frameworks as well, so here I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Laravel and discuss why Laravel is best PHP framework at present day and days to come.

Laravel is quite new to others, it was released on 2012 but its growing very strongly day by day. Currently Laravel have almost 40,000 stars on Github which is way ahead of any other frameworks. Also if you check in Indeed, Monster or any other job portals you will find many job openings for Laravel. In the chart below you can see how Laravel has grown in past 5 years.

Hence, you have seen why Laravel is used across the world by many industries for their projects. There must be something that makes Laravel so special that most of the industries are using this and the one who doesn’t are moving to it.

Lets have a look what Laravel have to offer for us.

Why laravel is best php framework ? Lets look.

1. MVC (Model View Controller)

Laravel supports MVC Architecture which is one of the strongest points. MVC helps in maintaining separation of concerns i.e separating the code for business logic to that of interface through which a person uses this logic. In MVC changing the interface does not require changing the business logic code, and vice versa. It also helps in improving performance, better documentation. MVC architecture also makes easier code readability and maintenance.


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2. Blade Temlplating Engine

blade template engine

Blade templating engine is provided by Laravel out of the box which makes it easier to integrate PHP in HTML. It improves the code readability by translating traditional PHP syntax in a human readable manner.It is one of the best features provided by Laravel. Have a look at the implementation of “If” and “For” statement in the image above.

3. Artisan

laravel artisan

Artisan is an inbuilt tool that comes out of the box with Laravel installation. It is a command line tool that provides a set of commands. You can use these commands to interact with Laravel Framework and make it do some tasks for you. In other terms Artisan automates many processes that we have to do manually in past days. This helps in performing many tasks ranging from common to very complex tasks. Hence it helps in speeding up the development process without much of errors. Out of many, few of the examples that artisan does it for you are, it can create models, controllers, local servers, unit tests etc.

4. ORM (Object Relational Mapping)

eloquent orm

Laravel comes with an ORM out of the box “Eloquent”. This ORM makes it easy to interact with various databases in a secure and easy manner. ORM is a tool to convert data between incompatible systems using object oriented programming languages which makes it easier for your project to communicate with the database. ORM converts the database table to virtual class and the tables columns to its properties. Since Laravel follows OOP highly it makes it easy to talk with its database in its language.

5. Database Migration

Laravel provides us a unique feature called Migration. Assume you are working on a project with a team. Every developer of your team is working in their own machine and you add few columns in a table in the database. In order to keep your updated database in sync with others you have to provide them your updated database. This can be a very tedious task and may cause various errors in the process. With database migration of Laravel you just have to create/update a single file in your project describing the database change and run an artisan command. To keep in sync you have to provide the file to others and they will run artisan command and all will be synced. According to Laravel :

It is like version control for your database allowing your team to easily modify and share the application database schema.

6. Composer

You have seen that Laravel comes with many built in tools to make your life easier as a developer. But as the project grows will need to have some additional features to develop what you want. For this Laravel have composer which manage and handles all the dependencies of your project. According to Composer :

Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the libraries your project depends on and it will manage (install/update) them for you.

7. Security

While developing a website you must be very serious about the security of your website. Since your project may have very confidential informations that you don’t want to be exposed to others. Such information can be your users email id and password. Also your website may have many forms so that your users can perform specific tasks and you do not want to have malicious information to be sent to the database from the forms. For all of these and many more Laravel covers all the security concerns like it stores the your users password as a Hashed string, it apply CSRF protection to your forms to clean all the information before passing it to database and many more.

8. Tons of third party packages

Laravel has tons of third party libraries that are available online and free to use. You can pull the packages through composer and then start working. These packages are developed by many developers and publish them at github for free to use. But the question here is how can we find what are the packages available and how can you find them ? There is website called Packagist, a PHP package repository. Here you can search for your plugin to use as per your requirements.

9. Active Community & Support

Not only the community of Laravel is growing day by day, they are very active as well. Laravel.io is a Laravel community portal website dedicated to help developers. If you have any query related to Laravel you can ask them at their forum. Stack overflow is the largest and most trusted community for developers to learn. Here also you can ask your queries and you will definitely get your answers very quickly.

10. Great Learning Resources

Unlike other PHP frameworks Laravel’s documentation is very good. Its very easy to follow and its covers every topic in details. You can also find lots of free high quality and good tutorials in Youtube which will help you understand the basics. Codecourse, Traversy Media, DevMarketer are one of the best youtube channels to learn. Laracast is a website where you can find free and paid tutorials from where you can dig deep into laravel. It is one of the best places from where you can learn more and more everyday.

Final Note

The most important feature about Laravel is its simplicity. This is why Laravel is best php frameworks today out of many others. Developers can learn this awesome framework very easily and quickly and start working on their projects. Laravel is still growing and with each release it gets mature and include cutting edge features with security and simplicity. If you are deciding to learn this framework and start a project on it I hope this article will help you with this. If you think this article has helped you or if you have any other points that you think should have  been included then. Let Me Know !!

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