Pranab Kalita
Hey There 👋

I'm Pranab Kalita

I build things for the web.

By day I'm a Technical Architect at Valuelabs, India and a freelance developer, blogger, and screencaster by night. You can find me as @pranab_x on Twitter.

I proudly navigate the world of code, setting sail primarily with Laravel, alongside some of the best developers in the industry.

Skills Showcase

The Crafting Digital Excellence: My Skill Set as a Software Developer

Elevating User Experiences and Crafting Robust Solutions with My Proficiency in Software and Web Development


My proficiency in Laravel empowers me to create dynamic web applications, leveraging its elegant syntax, extensive libraries, and seamless integration, ensuring top-notch performance and user experiences.

Vue Js

Equipped with an adept command of Vue.js, I craft interactive, responsive, and feature-rich front-end experiences that captivate users and enhance web applications with dynamic functionality.


With a deep-rooted expertise in MySQL, I engineer robust database solutions, ensuring data integrity, speed, and scalability for seamless application performance and data management.


Proficient in Laravel Livewire, I breathe life into web applications, delivering dynamic, real-time interactivity, and elegant user experiences with seamless server-side components.

From the blog

Uncover the World of Web Development: Dive into Articles on Laravel, PHP, Vue.js, Vite, and More.