Base64 Decoder and Encoder: Input your data and click the encode button.

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Base64 DECODER AND ENCODER: Your Easy-to-Use Online Tool

Effortless Base64 Conversion

Need to encode or decode data quickly? Look no further than Base64 Encoder and Decoder! This free online tool lives up to its name, making Base64 conversion a breeze. Simply paste your data and choose the desired action – encode from text to Base64 or decode Base64 back to human-readable format.

Understanding Base64 Encoding

Base64 encoding comes into play when you need to represent binary data (like images or files) in a text format. This is particularly useful for transmitting data over systems that only handle text, such as email. The encoding ensures the data remains intact during transfer. You’ll find Base64 used in various applications, including email attachments (MIME), and storing complex data in XML or JSON.

Advanced Options for Customization

Character Set: Our tool defaults to UTF-8, but you can choose a different character set if needed. Remember, text data doesn’t typically store the character set information, so you might need to specify it during decoding. For files, the default binary option is suitable.

Newline Separator: Windows and Unix systems use different line breaks. We automatically adjust them based on your selection. This is less relevant for files with existing separators, but you can still choose one for specific options like “encode each line separately” or “split lines into chunks.”

Security and Privacy

Your data is safe with us! This tool runs in your browser. Id not send any data to the server. We use secure SSL encryption (https) for all communication with our servers and for all other tools that need server interaction. We don’t store or inspect the content of your data or files in any way. For more details, check out our privacy policy.