How To Easily Calculate Age From Birthday in Laravel with Carbon 2024

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Calculate Age in Laravel: When making Laravel apps, it’s common to work with dates and times. It is normal to need to figure out a user’s age from their birthdate. This is where Laravel’s Carbon library really shines, because it gives you an easy yet beautiful way to do this.

The Power of Carbon

Carbon is a strong PHP tool that comes with Laravel by default. It lets you change dates and times in a lot of different ways, which makes things like figuring out your age very easy.

Calculate Age From Birthday

Calculating age is a common task that can be easily achieved with Carbon. Here’s how you can do it:

use Carbon\Carbon;

$birthdate = Carbon::parse('2000-01-01');
$age = $birthdate->age;

First, we turn the date text into a Carbon instance in the code above.

Then, to get the age, we use the Carbon instance’s age field. This will return the difference in years between the current date and the parsed date.

NOTE: Any text that the PHP strtotime function can read as a date can be passed to the parse method.

Using Age in Your Models

A date field in your model lets you use the age property right on it. If your User model has a field for the user’s birthdate, for example, you can figure out how old the user is in this way:

$age = $this->birthdate->age;

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With Carbon, it’s easy to Calculate Age From Birthday in Laravel. It’s a useful tool for any Laravel developer because of how easy it is to use and understand. If you follow these steps, it will be easy to find out how old a person is and make that information work with your app.